Firebelly Stoves
Frequently Asked Questions
Where can I buy spares for my stove?
Buy your genuine Firebelly spares and accessories from our website, alternatively you can purchase through our UK-wide network of dealers.

For more details please contact us
How long is the guarantee?
Your Firebelly has a two year manufacturers guarantee. However, this is dependent upon servicing your Firebelly 12 months after installation and excludes wear and tear items such glass, firebricks, log retainers and rope seal.
I don't have a chimney, can I have a Firebelly?
Yes!! A Firebelly can be the heart of your home even if you don't have a chimney! A twin wall insulated flue system can be installed in most spaces and will act as your chimney system.
What clearances are required to combustable and non combustable materials?
Please refer to installation instructions for your required model. The more space you have the better the stove will work!
What size stove do I need? (kW output)
The calculation required for the room in which the stove with be fitted is:

(Length x Width x Height) / 15 = Output Required

All measurements should be in metres. If there is excessive heat loss from the room through windows, doors and stairways, a higher heat output would be recommended.
Do I need a liner?
A qualified chimney sweep or engineer will be able to advise if you need a liner in your chimney. Our stoves can be installed without a liner however we recommend a liner to increase efficiency and draw.
Can I burn wood on a Multi Fuel Stove?
Yes, but it is not as efficient. Wood needs to get air solely from above the fire bed, with a multifuel kit it would get too much air resulting in it burning faster therefore less efficiently.